Patient Registration

Registration Information – Mountsandel Medical Centre

Thank you for choosing to register with Mountsandel Medical Centre.

In order to qualify for registration you must live within the practice area as specified in the practice leaflet. Please also note that you may only apply to register with one practice.

Adults & Children over 16
Your registration with the practice will be completed in 3 stages. Please note: in order to be registered you must complete all of the following.

  1. Registration Application Form.
    You should have received a registration application form with this information sheet. Please note that all sections of the form should be completed and then returned to reception.
  2. Attend Registration Appointment with Treatment Room Nurse.
    You should be given a registration appointment when you return your application form. If you fail to attend this appointment your registration application may be refused. At this appointment the nurse will ask details of your medical history and check your height, weight, blood pressure and urine. If possible please bring a urine sample with you to the appointment. This appointment should take approximately 15 mins.
  3. Submit your medical card to reception.
    If you have a medical card you should give it to the receptionist when you come for your registration appointment with you nurse. If you forget your medical card you should hand it in as soon as possible. If you do not have a medical card you should complete a HS22X/HS200 form which you can get from reception. You must complete this final stage within 2 months of application.

Children 3 months – 16 years.
The registration application form should be completed for each child, however a registration appointment with a nurse is not necessary. Instead you should complete a Registration Medical Form which should be given to you by the receptionist. Each child’s medical card must be submitted to complete the registration.

Babies under 3 months.
Simply complete the registration application form and submit the yellow card.

What if I need to see a doctor before my registration is complete?

You can still see any doctor for an acute problem before your registration is complete. You may receive acute prescriptions but you will not be able to receive repeat prescriptions until your registration is completed. Nor can you request a housecall until you are fully registered.

How do I get my repeat (or usual) medication?
Once the registration process is complete you should make a routine appointment with a doctor who will prescribe your repeat medication. For certain medications your doctor may ask you to provide proof of your regular medications, for example, medication boxes or print out of repeats from your previous GP. Please note: no initial medication will be given without a consultation with a GP.

What if I am only living in the Coleraine area for less than 3 months?
You can register as a temporary resident. This involves completing an initial temporary registration form. However you wish to get repeat regular prescriptions you should go through the registration process.

What if I decide to move outside the practice area once registered?
You should discuss this with your doctor. You may be asked to register with a practice closer to your new address.

Temporary Residents
If you are staying in our Practice area or passing through you may be seen in the surgery by making an appointment. If you require any further service please discuss with a receptionist.

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